Children`s training

Through Taekwondo, your child will learn how diligence, patience, and continuity quickly lead to goals they set for themselves.

Mental and physical learning in Taekwondo is far superior to that of ball sports.

Your child’s body language will change, and he or she will gain a more confident demeanor and self-assurance. The combination of self-confidence and the physical ability to defend themselves will bring confidence in everyday life.

Advanced children train together with beginning children. Thus, beginners have a role model in children with higher belts and see how good they can become through regular training.

Conversely, it is a self-affirmation for the advanced child to be able to show techniques to the beginning training partner.

Your child should learn to focus on a few important things. Taekwondo teaches your child to focus, set attainable goals for themselves, then achieve them through their own initiative. Help your child consistently come to practice two to three times a week for only 60 minutes. You will notice positive changes after just a short time.

Benefits of Taekwondo training for children:

  • Posture and balance training
  • Agility exercises
  • helpfulness, endurance and self-assertion
  • better ability to concentrate
  • respect, discipline, fairness
  • assertiveness
  • inner peace

Give your child the chance to benefit from good training!



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